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or the other. berg: i'm proud of north dakota and i will put north dakota up against any state in the nation and impact of our country were more like north dakota are conjured to be a lot better off. there is a clear difference between spending on the national level. we spent more but it was money we had. every session we balance a budget in north dakota. i would certainly challenge the senate majority leader who controls the vote, harry reid, who you pledge your support to has not come to the table. he has not come to the table for three years. sequestration, that was something that passed the house and pass the senate. is it right? no but as an isn't alternatively passed other savings. those savings went to the senate and harry reid again has not taken those up. we have to get our country back on track. the way we do it is bring people together and we have to have a budget and you have to have a plan. heitkamp congressman berg, what is interesting in the what i think you just said if you have the money you can spend it. i think that that is a fast-forward for disaster. i think which only b
, and throughout the day on saturday, starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern. last week former north dakota at general chris attorney general heidi heitkamp and u.s. representative rick berg participated in any debate. this debate is one hour. >> good evening, and welcome to this public forum with the north dakota candid its core u.s. senate. i am with the league of women voters and i will be your moderator. turning to me is the special sections editor for the "bismarck to be itribue." this debate takes place at the hall rise in -- horizon the school. the league of women voters is a non-partisan organization and permits the informal participation of citizens and their government. this is intended to be respectful exchange of ideas, to provide information to voters about the candidates and their positions on issues that affect the people of north dakota. please reserve applause or any action or comments until forum has ended. the forum will be as follows -- each candidate will have 90 seconds to respond to each question. following responses, we invite them to engage in a dialogue raised for no more tha
there is another storm brewing. >> a blizzard. montana, idaho, north dakota. your storm is coming through the day today, tonight, and lasting through tomorrow morning. let me show you where we have blizzard warnings extending from great falls over to almost the border of north dakota. billings is under a winter storm watch at this time. missoula, same for you. as far as the snowfall estimates, this will be an impressive storm for the northern half of montana and northern half of north dakota. six to 12 inches and a foot. with windy conditions, that will be the travel trouble spot through the day today tonight and tomorrow. miningor winter storm for the northern rockies. slowly warm up and melt the snow in the northeast. the rest of the country, 78 in dallas. give me a flight. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. so there is some beautiful weather out there to be had today. temperatures a little cool by florida standards. 69 and sunny is not bad. columbus, ohio, 51 and sunny. kansas looks beautiful at 63. so the big story with the storm lea
into tomorrow's elections. next we'll take you to north dakota for a senate debate between former state attorney general heidi heitkamp and republican congressman rick berg. the two candidates are running for the seat left open by the retirement of democrat kent conrad. this debate is courtesy of dakota media access, and it's an hour. >> moderator: good evening and welcome to this public forum with the north dakota candidates for u.s. senate. rick berg and heidi heitkamp. i'm stacy sturm with the league of women voters, and i will be your moderator this evening. joining me on the panel is the special sections editor for the bismarck tribune and lawrence king, an attorney and also a member of the bismarck school board. this evening's debate takes place at horizon middle school in bismarck and has been organized by the league of women voters. it's co-sponsored by dakota media access and the bismarck tribune. the league of women voters is a nonpartisan organization and promotes the informed participation of all citizens in their government. this is intended to be a respectful exchange of ideas. our
cain. >>> plus, the new senator even nate silver didn't see coming. >> we missed the north dakota senate -- >> yes, you did! >> heidi hitekamp joins me for an exclusive interview. and republicans in ohio haven't learned anything. tonight, state senator nina turner on today's republican vote to defund planned parenthood. >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. absent of arrogance, president obama continued his fight for the middle class today and hit back at republican bullies in the process. the president held his first news conference since winning the presidency once again. it's the first time he's faced the news media without the worry or pressure of running for re-election. president obama is staying in constant communication with the american public, as he makes it clear the country cannot afford to extend the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. >> this shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. this was -- if there was one thing that everybody understood, it was a big difference between myself and mr. romney, it was when it comes to how we reduce our deficit, i argued
-elect heidi height camp, democrat of north dakota. a string of words we did not think we could say senator-elect, congratulations! >> well, thanks, eliot. it has been great. it is amazing. >> eliot: you look as though you're still floating as well you should be. how did you pull this off? you were, according to the polling data until the very a tiny bit beneath what you needed to get then you sprang out claimed victory, got the brass ring on election night. the whole nation was clearing. tell us what it was like. >> well, we had a lot of help from people all across north dakota and people across the country who believe that we need to end the partisan gridlock. we need to move forward in this country and we need to get things done for north dakota and for the rest of the country and you know, people just believed. it was really gratifying and i know that you've been there and you've had great electoral success yourself. but you know, when you stand in front of a camera and you claim victory, you know behind you are
results last night, do you want to offer an apology? ( laughter ) >> we missed the north dakota senate race. >> jon: yes, you did! ( laughter ) you said that republican rick burt would win. he lost. >> he lost. >> jon: you better get out of the bbuddy. last night, here is honestly how i felt-- i didn't know obama would win, romney would win, the country would survive either. what i was really concerned about last night was that if your prediction model had been wrong, that it would have been a defeat for arithmetic ( laughter ) and that they would have seized upon that to, like, i think then gravity would be up for grabs. >> sure. >> jon: is that how you viewed it, to some extent, dispassionately for math? >> it would have been bad, i think, because for some reason, 538 that came invested with this symbolic power and symbolic power isn't particularly rational, but it became a symbol for people who wh who were believing, let's look at the polls and do impeerical research. >> jon: you were the chick-fill-a-- >> when i went to the democratic convention in charlotte. there was a chick-
for north dakota. correspondent alicia acuna looks at the state's future and the place in american energy independence. >> of interest to people all over the world. oil rich shale formation that covers 25,000 square miles of north dakota, montana and parts of canada. it was discovered in 1950. but the president of the north dakota petroleum council said recently companies found where it's most productive. >> at this point, other people are searching for it across the world. >> typical balkan well is projected to produce for 30 years. >> it means that domestic energy. it means for every barrel we produce we need one less barrel from some unfriendly country. >> worries about the upcoming fiscal cliff and lowered forecast for demand recently put a dent in price per barrel. the biggest threat major drop in oil prices and increase regulations and taxation. >> we are making contact with senators in washington, d.c. >> it's the heart of the country where the activity is full throttle. >> the oil companies are spending $2 billion a month on their investment, just to drill well here. >> north dako
of these but there's a possibility. virginia, north dakota, montana, nebraska and wisconsin. let's say that the republicans take two of those seats. democrats won three that i mention that gets the democrats to 56 and republicans went to the seats and that gives the democrats that 10 to 54 and if the republicans win three of these contested seats that brings it back to 53 exactly where it is right now so i think the democratic majority barring something unusual, a very unusual election that the democratic majority probably stays where it is in the senate could even grow by one or two seats. the house is much more difficult for democrats and we understand that. i look back to what happened in 1996 when i was chairman of the time of a congressional campaign committee. the republicans had won the house in 1994. you had a democratic president running for re-election, democratic president who was reelected. we picked up seats at that time, picked up nine seats but we didn't pick up enough to get back in the majority. i'm not sure the democrats even pick up nine seats this time. probably a g
ounce, we're down just a little this tuesday morning. north dakota booming. we're talking billions of dollars, thousands of jobs, thousands of people making small fortunes on oil and it's because the government is getting out of the way. charles payne, and jedia are here and their reaction to north dakota and i believe the man on the right there, i think he spent some time in north dakota. ♪ i'm a billionaire, oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ with the fidelity stock screener, you can try strategies from independent experts and see wh criteria they use. such as a 5% yield on dividend-paying stocks. then you can customize the strategies and narrow down to exactly those stocks you want to follow. i'm mark allen of fidelity investments. the expert strategies feature is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. >> more proof that a growing economy is good for everybody. north dakota experiencing a huge oil boom and now the banks are seeing records set for deposits and they've had to add atm's and hire more tellers just to
of women will hold u.s. senate seats in january. after victories in massachusetts, north dakota, hawaii, wisconsin and nebraska, five new female senators will be on capitol hill. that's 20 women senators, a net gain othre for massachusetts, north dakota, hawaii, and wisconsin, these women are the first female senators from their states. hawaii's mazie hirono will be the first asian-american female senator, and wisconsin's tammy baldwin the first openly gay senator. at least 77, possibly 79 women will take their seats in the house of representatives, only a modest gain. the number of democratic women in the house will rise from 51 to 63. republicans added one woman. in new hampshire, another first. the election of a female governor and two women to the house, makes it the first state to be led primarily by women. the classic women's issue -- reproductive rights also made history in this election becoming for the first time in decades a winning issue for democrats. >> so, congresswoman norton, what was the most historic aspect of the 2012 election? >> bonnie, the election of '12 was a str
. will they agree to such a system or let the private sector manage on its own? just look and north dakota where the unemployment rate it is 3% because of the hydro fracturing going on with privately-held land. every state wants to be like north dakota. it it is interesting mitt romney would devolve decisions whether to explore on land so virginia was still look for oil could do so. that was revoked by the obama administration ever alaska wants to do more exploration. everybody once again sources of energy in their states' also to have manufacturing companies it seems clear. i would like to thank you for listening and i would be happy to take any questions. [applause] >> among the natural guest reserves and by some fluke you have governor cuomo with the potential for hydro-fracking and the decision would you say? >> look at the example of pennsylvania they have not experienced environmental problems. with your budget deficit it is seems obvious that hydro-fracking it is the way to go. to ensure the safety of water quality that residents are concerned about. the project should proceed it brought
the trip to katrina to help them clean up. >>> there were whiteout conditions in north dakota a snowstorm dumped 8 inches in bismarck. they responded to dozens of accidents. they are urging people to stay off the roads. if this is any indication what have's to come for people in north dakota they could be in for a really, really long winter. this does seem lynette to be a little early. >> it does. >> it's little early but it's not unusual and that's the same sis them a he is -- system that's moving into our area going through the overnight into tomorrow. being see some snow on the backside of it in illinois and right now all this is sliding off towards the east. and it is about 14 hours away from us. we won't get nonet snow part of it. -- get in on the snow part of it but we will get in on the rain part. in bel air we are looking at patchy fog psych that across the area. we will get plenty sunshine this -- fog -- perry hall at 41. mount airy 50. and stevenville at 50 and 50 -- 52 in easton this morning. we are going to be dealing with breezy conditions as you get into afternoon. for today
from the races in montana, nevada, and north dakota. mark halpern, if we go back to the top of that list, elizabeth warren versus scott brown, tight all the way. what did elizabeth warren do in the end to win? >> she ran as a democrat in a state where the president won by a big margin. >> that helps. >> very difficult. they knew if the president won by 20 seats or more, it will be difficult to overcome. she made very few mistakes. and now she'll become one of the leading voices in the senate for progressives around the country. >> what does she bring to the senate? >> she brings that passion. and from a real liberal left perspective in terms of economic issues. she is a consumer advocate. she will be aligned with bernie sanders the independent and several others on that side of the spectrum. she may make it very difficult for some of the regulators who are trying to do bank legislation and go along with business as usual. i think she will be a very strong voice. she has that spirit. she's proved she can be independent. she's not really reliant on any sources. i think brown w
. but then they got to win in north dakota, north dakota, they're not going to win there right? heidi heitkamp the democrat wins 50.5 to rick berg, who conceded earlier today. sad day for you all. and then the democrats picked up seats in the canada. they had 53 caucusing over all. now there are 53 democratic seats and two independent who are very likely to caucus with them. and then they didn't just pick up seats but they picked up lions like elizabeth warren. >> for every family that has been chipped at, squeezed and hammered, we're going to fight for a level playing field and we're going to put people back to work. [ cheering ] to all the small business owners who are tired of a system rigged against them, we're going to hold the big guys accountable. >> cenk: damn straight! damn straight! then i love this quote, i think this is an election where we stuck to our values: make sure social values are protected and millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. that's the heart of it. i hope that's exactly what democrats stick to. for victories this epic, who would you turn to? [ ♪ music
? it is an indicator of the right way to go, all we have to do is look at north dakota. north dakota where the unemployment rate is 3% because of all the hydrofracturing for oil and natural gas that is going on on privately-held land. every state wants to be like north dakota and it is interesting that mitt romney would involve the decision as to whether to explore on land or not to the individual states and let each individual state decide. free genius for example, that wants to look for oil off its coast would be allowed to do so. that was revoked by the obama administration and granted by the bush should ministrations previously. alaska wants to do more oil exploration. everybody wants to get sources of energy in their state so not only to be able to get the job of getting out but also to attract chemical manufacturing companies with lower energy prices so this is the choice we have before us and to me is clearly a way to go. i would like to thank all of you for listening and i would be happy to take any questions. [applause] >> thanks. if i could lead off with one question, among the n
%, president obama 36%. as we continue on here. north dakota, mitt romney also declared the winner with 59 percent and 41% right now for president obama. again this was an expected result. south dakota the same thing. mitt romney declared the winner there with 65% of the vote. again not a surprise. >> back here in california. governor brown is in sacramento to attend a prop 30 event where he will be monitoring the prop 30 and presidential election. amberly is at the state capital with what is happening there. >> we are at the sheraton where governor brown and prop 30 supporters will hold a watch party in less than two hours. right here is the spokesman for yes on prop 30, the proposition that would raise sales and income taxes for folks to help schools. and this is dan newman. in recent polls it shows the proposition lost some steam. how of course are you tonight? >> we are feeling pretty good. the governor has been traveling the state up and down north and south and east to west meeting with educators and school superintendents and people fed up with the cuts. we have had to lay off 30,00
. this was a thumping and we know that from the senate races. democrats won senate races in north dakota and montana. >> this is not -- chris christie did not say let detroit go bankrupt and that was the difference in ohio. auto bailout and y and that was the numbers prove it in ohio. jonathan, let's bring you back in. members of your party. t me play what rush limbaugh, what he's said now regarding diversity and outreach. let's play it. >> clarence thomas, herman cain, none of it counts. don't tell me the republican party doesn't have outreach. we do. but what are we supposed to do now? are we supposed to -- in order to get the hispanic or latino vote, does that mean open borders and embrace the illegals? i want you to think about this. if we're not getting the female vote, do we become pro-choice? do we start passing out birth control pills? to do? >> jonathan, are you a ditto head on those remarks? do you an gree. >> the felt it was a venting and it was really, really unhelpful. using words like anchor babies. that type of language is extremely offensive and i think there's a -- >> that was popul
an increase. the biggest growth was in middle america in areas in the blue: nebraska, north dakota, south dakota. small towns saw 3 percent increase in income per person compared to 1.8 percent in urban areas. the analysts say farm income and especially the natural gas industry were major factors. now the assistant managing editor of the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. looking good out there. >> better than a few years ago. the natural gas issue we have been talking about this in the "wall street journal" and on your program for some time. there is an energy revival in the united states, we know that. it is coming from shale gas, shale oil from fracking in many states. there are environmental issues to consider here. in the meantime, a lot of individuals have leases that they have granted for oil drilling or gas drilling on their private land, most of this is happening on private land so those individuals who own this land are getting income from it. >>shepard: people are flocking to the areas for the jobs. >>guest: north dakota has become a boom state with situatio
. to be the senator from north dakota and she is a fabulous person. emily's list supports women for congress and it wahasa one loss record. if you compare how much they raised and spent with the success compared to some of the suepr pac's, they did a heck of a lot better job. >> who were the losers? >> the billionaires handing over all that money. >> they got shelly in nevada. >> that's unfortunate. >> they did not get what they thought they were be buying of. >> the biggest loser is carl rove -- karl rove. he would let them keep even more, a fairly bottom line decision. a lot of money was spent. ben bernanke was the second stimulus. the supreme court acted as the second stimulus, second only to the fed, because opening the door to that kind of private spending, the supreme court certainly did a lot for the economy. i look at their bottom line, it will be a disappointment. >> indiana and missouri are too easy, so i will go to minnesota. he ran the races with the chinese american actress on super bowl night. cake walk for stabenow. >> i would say joe biden. i think he's going to have a tough
. >> reporter: kit katy just moved here from north dakota. he's used to waiting outside target on black friday in the snow! >> it's nice where it's not freezing and you don't need hot cider. >> reporter: a few blocks from here is the target store in daly city. there was a handful of people waiting there. he got the first spot at 6:30 am. >> i was trying to get a camera. i wanted to make sure that i got it this time. last time i tried to get a tv, and that didn't work out as well. >> those were just some of the countless retailers opening their doors early with plans to entice shoppers with door-busters. >> reporter: it may be thanksgiving day, but people were out shopping for black friday deals. many stores were closed, but old navy and the gap in emeriville were open all day. people were on the hunt for discounts. >> reporter: old navy's discounts don't start till midnight. >> i just wanted to spend some money on something. >> reporter: once the doors reopened, there'll be giveaways like this nintendo w >> mike: i. >> i have to come back with my family and stuff. >> reporter: the sales star
toodetermiin the cause. some white-out conditions... for folks in north dakota.over thh weekend... a storm dumped roughly 8-incces on bismarck. accidents... ostly fender benders.they're urging people they are cleared. people across the easstcoast are still piccing up the pieces... two weeks after super ssorm sandy. sanny.after toughing out thee storm and theeffllowing without power.ii new jersee alone.. more than 175 thousand households are stiil in the promising they won'' stop until power is essoreddtt all households. life will be back for most of pew jersey to normal come sunday. what do i mean by that?? let's start off with power, we backtracked slightly in our efforts to restore &pppwer due to the nor'easter, buu after talking to thee utilities last night and again this morning, my beelef is we will have almost 00 pprcent restoration by saturday nnght. in a press confeeence saturday, the long island getting residents back onliie is the utility'' top priorityy 99 percent of customers will paveepower restored by tomorrow. 3&&pvictims of super storm sand get a helping hand and a hot
will wear it proudly. this is a north dakota edition of "power lunch." >>> well, whether to say with the norquist no tax hike pledge is now hot debate for republicans as you can see right there in washington. the once belle of the ball is now being pushed aside. politico's chief white house correspondent mike allen spoke with mr. norquist this morning. welcome to "power lunch." mr. norquist didn't seem to soften at all. as a matter of fact from what i've read, he kind of bristled. one quote from the debrief will you this morning was the party cannot have its fingerprints on the murder weapon, meaning raising taxes. how do you see this all playing out? we just heard from a senator who did not sign his pledge. you know, is mr. norquist now really be pushed aside by the party? >> grover norquist is a survivor. he has a business, $7 million budget. spent $25 million in campaigns this cycles. he doesn't want to be seen as a dead-ender. he doesn't want his power to melt away bite by bite win the views like that. what we saw today was him providing a little path for republicans and, ye
ticked up slightly in arkansas, connecticut, massachusetts, north dakota, oklahoma, south dakota and vermont. nevada has the highest unemployment rate at 11.5%. and thanks to the oil boom, north dakota still has the lowest rate, even though the rate edged up from 3.0% to 3.1%. a particularly rough quarter for hewlett-packard. an accounting scandal is rocking the company and the stock. the tech giant is taking a $9 billion write- down due to bad accouting by autonomy software the british company hp aqcuired last year. autonomy's founder denies the charges. hpq stock fell 12% yesterday. h-p ceo meg whitman said an internal investigation revealed "serious accounting improprieties" and "outright misrepresentations" by autonomy. this makes 5 straight quarters of large declines for the tech company. what's being called the most lucrative case of insider trading ever has been uncovered by federal authorities. the sec is bringing charges against mathew martoma for making more than $276 million. the case dates back to july 2008, when martoma allegedly learned about the results of a clini
to let the private sector manage on its own? as an indicator, all we have to do is look at north dakota where it is 3% because of all the hater fracturing for oil and natural gas going on a privately held land. every state wants to be like north dakota. it is interesting that mitt romney would default the decisions as to whether to explore homeland or not to the individual states. he let each individual states decide. virginia for example that wants to look for oil off its coast would be allowed to do so. that permission was revoked by the obama administration even that was granted by the bush administration previously. everybody wants to get sources of energy in their states for not only to be able to get the jobs of getting it out, but attract criminal and manufacturing companies with low prices. so this is the choice we will have before us and to meet sees clearly the the way to go. i'd like to thank all of you for listening and i'd be very happy to take any questions. [applause] >> thanks, dana. if i could just start off with one question. among the natural gas reserves are natural
is occurring, in pennsylvania, ohio, north dakota and elsewhere have taken action to regulate the industry and done it appropriately. we support robust regulation. if you go too far, you discourage the very investment you are trying to create. host: the new york governor is about to make a decision on natural gas for his state. what's at stake here? guest: it's very important, one governor who has lagged a little bit and announced last week that his report where it will be delayed and likely not be produced until early next year. we believe we can do it successfully and safely as we have demonstrated over the 65 years we have been using the technology. here is one key factor. we have been using this technology for over 6 years. we have drilled over 1.2 million wells with it and never been a case of groundwater contamination. that's what lisa jackson said. host: here in the "washington times" this morning, freaking out over fracking. cultural references -- here's a quote. host: can you say it doesn't have any impact on drinking water? guest: we are highly regulated. the industry takes its
democrat, senator kent conrad of north dakota. and the glitter of silver-- it's up over 20% this year. we go digging for the outlook on precious metals for the year ahead. that and more tonight on nbr! the path away from the fiscal cliff is neither straight nor smooth. talks hit a snag today as both republicans and democrats traded verbal fire over who goes first. republicans said they'd offered up new tax revenues, but have heard nothing from democrats about spending cuts. democrats said republicans were dragging their feet. we begin with darren gersh reporting even a visit by treasury secretary timothy geithner did little to change the mood on capitol hill. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner emerged from his sit- down with the president's negotiating team to declare he was disappointed. two weeks after the election, the speaker said democrats have yet to show what he called "adult leadership." >> right now, all eyes are on the white house. the country doesn't need a victory lap, it needs leadership. it's time for the president and congressional democrats to tell the american people
. now notice the snow coming down through the dakotas. some parts of north dakota could pick up between 8 and 12 inches of snow. in fact isolated amounts of 20 inches are possible in north dakota. these are severe weather reports. hail reports of course, as mentioned around the chicago area. some 40 hail and wind reports down through parts of the southern plains. in association with those showers and thunderstorms. our computer models bringing it in midafternoon in chicago. could be some strong thunderstorms with this, but they're not expected to reach severe levels. we'll watch them closely. now forecast. first of all for tonight in the area, we're looking at partly cloudy skies. it is possible we could see a passing sprinkle this evening. low temperature, 52 to 56. so very mild night with strong winds continuing. then for tomorrow, sunday, looks like a messy day. clouds increasing, storms arriving in the middle of the afternoon. strong gusty winds continuing, but temperatures once again should make it u
caskell was reelected in what was a very tight race. and we're still waiting on results in nevada and north dakota with shelley berkeley, congresswoman from nevada and then heidi heightcamp, former state official in north dakota who's in a very close race. so that could end up being a sizable amount of women coming to the senate. >> two interesting house races. gwen, i'm not sure which house race you're talking about. betty sutton was beaten, renacy narrowly beats sutton. but two rather controversial-- i guess that's the right word too use-- republican members of the houses are in incredibly tight races right now. allen west in florida is trailing narrowly by about a thousand votes with just a couple percent not yet counted and michele bachmann is up by a margin like that, just a bare narrow lead in a very tight race in minnesota. so we're keeping an eye on that and if both of them were not in the house, i wonder whether that would change the tone of the entire body. i'm not sure. >> and bachmann's seat was redrawn to make it slightly more safe for republicans in redistricting. so that's interesti
. moving on to north dakota, this has not been called either. the democratic challenger there it is tied 50% to 50%. we will continue to watch this race and let you know how it turns out. moving on to arizona. these are some of the closely watched senate races. jeff flake wins in that state, 50% over richard handpicked by president obama to ron. and then in wisconsin committee democrat also winning, tammy baldwin will be the first openly gay senator. she beats the former governor tommy thompson. and then and virginia, this was a close race, tim kaine comes out ahead, 52% to 48% over george allen. $80 million spent on this. tim kaine it got a 90% of the black vote and the military vote. george allen, 60% of the white vote. and moving on to nevada, the voters here split their vote. the statement to president obama but they voted for the republican senator dean heller, he edges out shelley. and in missouri, claire mccaskill is able to get out todd akin. this sought to be a republican seat for sure but she is able to keep her seat after those controversial remarks by todd akin a. sheet winds 55
, north dakota. three are in blue states, maine, massachusetts and connecticut. joining me now, nbc news and political analyst and the editor and publisher of the political report, charlie cook. charlie, this has been a great year for senate races. if this were a mid-term election, they would get new credit. >> i'm going to put up. what we have is this is based on the cook map right now. this is everything that's likely that's in red or blue. so we start this way and we have 15 of them. so we're going to quickly run down the ones that you don't have in toss-up anymore but are lean in the presidential states. hit me. >> pennsylvania. tom casey's scared but tom smith scared bob casey but casey is going to hold. >> okay, keep going. ohio? >> you skipped on me. >> nevada. >> nevada. close but to dean heller. >> all right. next one? >> ohio. it's closed up but brown wins. >> brown wins. does he outperform the president by what, two points? >> i don't know. yeah, yeah. >> if you were to guess, it's going to be a tight race? >> florida, nelson beats mak. then we get to virginia. >> where are yo
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